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Hey Dwarfinator. Hey Dwarfinator.

Helloooooo Dwarfinator. May I remind you that today's Halloween?


Sup buddy.

DWARFINATORclock responds:

Just chillin'

I don't remember 'Naners being shat out like that

Messy. And using the 'Price is Right' phail tune was also a good find.

Lovely, sleek animation, though the voice acting was a bit off. Bit too low a volume, I would say, but that's just me.

Nice one, Leek.

{{{Angeray Faic}}}

We loves ourselves the rather naked super bodybuilder with teh Angeray Faic and Goatse-like muscles much, we do.

Of you, I expected nothing less on this submission. You've completed... well, maybe not... completed our 2k4 Clock Day, Anime.

Thank you. And a happy Clock Day to you, bud' =)

Detectonomicon responds:

awww =) thank you. that one really put a big smile on my face

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Interesting idea and well exectuted.

A most interesting game we have here. Controlling the Tri-achnid comes almost naturally after a little while of playing, and the web slinging adds nicely to the exploring nature of this game to get about.

As much as I enjoyed it, a particular level comes to mind as having an unobtainable grub, so maybe you could help us out: the repel stage has a grub near spikes that you only can get with a flyer bug, but after getting up there, I don't think there's a way to get back down again. Care to give us all a little tip on that stage for a 100% game?

All in all, I enjoyed the game. Original, well designed and good coding. Definitely looking foward to the next installment come 2007.

Komix responds:

Cool, someone found out how to fly.

The getting back is the hardest part I guess. you have still the bird and the rope. you just jump of against the wind and quickly pull the rope. Pretty tricky.

Or you sust roll over the spikes so you hit them with only one leg. and only short, but that's even harder I guess.


Great game, bad controls

Somehow, Flash doesn´t quite lend itself well to certain little keyboard combinations. Control + Space seems to trigger some warning, and I couldn´t quite catch that due to holding space (which is also a confirmation key under Windows). Perhaps Space alone would´ve been a better option.

Still, this game is solid. It plays like a charm, though I cannot quite have my soldiers flee. At least my mage can heal units quickly, and it runs perfectly fine. Interesting missions, it all adds up.

Just consider that keyboard combo a bit.

Army of Gondor, Gather!

An interesting take on this game. Though slightly repetitive, there's much love put into this Flash, and it does indeed breathe some of the intended cinematic feel you wanted this game to have. I also love it how you have narrated the tutorial, it adds to this game.

Things get progressively harder and harder, not to a fault up to level 11, however. That Demon is probably a tad too hard, and not enough peons come a-runnin' to rake up more gold. It's a slaughter-machine! Aside of that, this game is certainly enjoyable. A savegame or at least a password system would make things all the better.

This game looks graphically good enough - not too much details to stand out stylishly, but also to make things play good with little to no slowdown. The game has indeed a cinematic feel to things, something I haven't seen much in other games on NG. The sound quality is generally good, and the music is well chosen. Violence is minimal, but I guess the addition of blood to the death animations would slow things down badly. Interactivity is, naturally, a given. Despite the hero not actively fighting the big battle, he leads his troops, rakes in gold as well, and as such, you, the player, are also contributing to the good cause. Can't really judge the humour bit, really.

All in all, an excellent little game.

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Unfinished business?

Boss, better get cracking. This tune is a wonderful collection of samples, packing a great beat and a wonderful vibe. I cannot believe you wouldn't want to finish this tune, and this song definitely deserves a little more love.

Honestly, pick up on it again on a sunny day when inspiration hits. It's just a shame if you let this thing remain unfinished.

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